Custom Labels

Our custom wine label program allows individuals, corporations and restaurants, among others, to create their own unique custom wine bottle labels. Choose from a variety of custom wine label options guaranteed to meet your requirements. Personalized wine labels make a beautiful, unique gift or can be used to add a special touch to your private wine collection. They're also perfect for special occasions and celebrations such as anniversaries, parties and celebrations, grand openings, and as corporate gifts.


How the Custom Label Program Works


  • Click on the link below, and you will be directed to our affiliate label/designer printing company - Stoney Creek.
  • Choose from a variety of categories and fill in the pertinent information such as vintage, varietal, appellation and salutation. It is recommended to order 10% more labels than required to allow for application problems. Note there is a minimum order which varies with different categories.
  • Stoney Creek will process your payment on-line via credit card.
  • Stoney Creek will then produce your custom labels and send them directly to Laguna Canyon Winery for application. Processing time is usually 7 days.
  • Laguna Canyon Winery will call you when your order is ready for pick up.

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