About Laguna Canyon Winery

 Welcome to Laguna Canyon Winery. Orange County’s first premium boutique urban winery.


Thank you for taking the time to visit us and taste our award winning artisan wines.


We were born and raised on the prairies in central Canada where hockey and grain fields dominated the culture. With cattle, horses and farming, our father always taught us to make things with my hands. As we grew up we always felt a connection to the land.


We began making wine in the early 80's and took it more seriously when we moved to Vancouver, B.C in 1989. After being inspired by an Italian winemaker we studied oenology for two years. Subsequently, as hobby vintners we won many wine awards from crushing fresh grapes that we purchased from the rolling cool hills in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.


As the prairies led me us the vineyards, we dreamed of turning our passion for winemaking into a business. That led to a brotherly partnership as we purchased an existing winery in the Vancouver area in 1993. After gaining valuable experience we went on to build another winery in the Vancouver in 1996. With some history behind us our dream was to move near wine country in Southern California and build a new urban winery in Laguna Beach.


In 2003 construction was complete and we began to ship fresh grapes direct to Laguna Beach from the Napa and Sonoma regions. You are standing in the middle of the winery where crushing, pressing, fermentation, barrel aging, blending and bottling all take place.


We hope you will savor the aroma and flavor of our expressive crafted boutique wines.


Marlowe J. Huber, Darren N. Huber - Brand Owners / Winemakers

napa vineyard pic